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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

On our doorstep

On our doorstep Two bombs exploded in the crowded streets near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, killing at least three people and injuring more than 140 in a bloody scene of shattered glass and severed limbs that raised alarms that terrorists might have struck again in the United States. We were used to only seeing these things on television in Northern Ireland and the Middle East. Now it is on our doorstep. We have been naďve and let our guard down, just what the culprits were looking for. Had there been enough bomb-sniffing dogs at the Boston Marathon, this tragedy could have been prevented. This is the way we must live: When there are large groups of people, there must be bomb-sniffing dogs. There are plenty of canine volunteers at humane societies. I am sure nobody would mind their presence and would feel somewhat reassured.
John Mannone Tampa Protecting us The left wants to take away guns and ammo from the legal-carry right so that only illegally bought or stolen guns can be obtained and used against formerly legal gun owners by criminals. Maybe someone can invent a cheap insurance policy so that the stolen money and objects can be replaced — with a large deductible, of course. And maybe, just maybe, our police can get enough guns and ammo to protect us from the bombers who walk across our borders freely from Mexico or Canada, freshly flown in from the Arab states, using the millions of American dollars the current administration gives them every year to buy fresh fertilizer and diesel fuel for their deeds. If the terrorists had guns, which most of them do, under President Obama’s policies of gun control there wouldn’t have been anyone to protect themselves and shoot back. John Lallemand Dade City Remembering Phillips Field The recent article about Phillips Field in Tampa brought back memories of Spartan football, boiled peanuts and marching in the Plant High School band at the Plant/Hillsborough game. However, the postcard at the top of page 3 is not Phillips Field. It is an aerial view of the State Fairgrounds and baseball fields for spring training and the Smokers. Phillips Field was across Cass Street and north of the fairgrounds. Carl L. Zielonka Tampa
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