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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor:

Stop domestic violence It’s time. My message is simple, plain and clear. Domestic violence needs to end. Being in the social work field, I have worked with the domestic violence population. This issue is something that doesn’t just happen to “others.” It happens to your neighbors, sisters, daughters, sons, brothers, mothers and fathers. It is time to stop ignoring this issue. Think about this: One in four women and one in nine men will be affected by domestic violence at some point. Now think about four women you know. One has experienced domestic violence in some capacity. Now think about nine men you know; one has experienced domestic violence at some point as well. It does happen. With reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), this important piece of legislation will move to expand to aid more victims of these terrible abuses. Domestic violence does not discriminate in class, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or age. It does not have to be physical. It also can be emotional, financial and sexual in nature. More of these terrible atrocities could be prevented with more education. I am writing in an effort to advocate for changes to allow for expansion in educating the public, particularly our schools, on this issue. If some of these behaviors are caught early on, domestic violence, statistically, could decrease. Education is key. Why not begin where we spend most of our most formative years?
Megan Johnson Brandon Source of the disease On the local violence-prevention effort I have a suggestion for the first big step you should take in a successful effort: Control the sale of the items that are used in most violent actions — guns. Instead of overstressing and setting up big studies to discover a simple fact, look at the number of violent crimes with guns and the number of times guns are used by individuals to protect themselves from violence, and you will see that the uncontrolled ability to possess firearms has worked in the favor of increased violence, not less. Start at the foundation for building a more peaceful and less violent society by restricting the use and ownership of the most deadly weapons used to create the mayhem. Sane, sensible and enforceable gun control must be the foundation of a quest for a peaceful society if the quest is to succeed. To cure a disease you must first control the source of infection and then effect the cure. The source of this disease of violence in America is uncontrolled availability of guns. So it is with striving for a more peaceful society in Hillsborough, in Florida and the United States as a whole, you must first contain the source of the disease of violence, and then gradually the cure will take effect. It is a tough job, but hopefully there are enough brave and intelligent individuals to stand against the NRA’s prorogation as lobbyist for the sale of firearms by manufacturers to continue to make their blood- soaked billions on sales. Everett Houghtalen New Port Richey Monumental failure In your editorial “Obama trips on Syria path” (April 1), you stated that nations in the region are sharply split on Syria and “therefore whatever steps the U.S. takes will almost certainly alienate one set of American allies or another.” You conclude your piece by stating, “But the evidence suggests the White House’s cautious strategy hasn’t worked.” I thought I could help you with your confused perspective by pointing out the self-evident contradiction. It is clear that our foreign policy, past and present, is a failure of monumental proportion. We have wasted literally trillions of taxpayer and Federal Reserve dollars generated from thin air in pursuit of our inane and inexplicably stupid imperialistic pursuits on foreign soil. We have fought unfunded wars and “conflicts” responsible for unprecedented increases in our national debt, which is approaching $17 trillion. Yet, you have the audacity to say that Obama’s non-action relative to Syria “hasn’t worked”? You don’t have a clue, do you? May I give you a little history lesson on the Middle East, starting with Iran, where our CIA was responsible for the removal of their democratically elected leader and replacing him with our puppet, the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi? When the Iranians had had enough of this U.S.-backed corrupt government, they revolted and in 1979 held American Embassy staff for more than 400 days. The Iranians replaced the Shah with the Khomeini theocracy. In 1980 the U.S. began to fully support Saddam Hussein and Iraq in the war against Iran that lasted more than a decade. America spent billions of dollars on aid, and the Reagan/Bush administrations encouraged the flow of money, dual-use technology, chemicals and weapons to Saddam Hussein and Iraq, which later attacked Kuwait. The U. S., of course, then attacked Iraq — twice. We — our troops, the victims of our failed foreign policy — are still in the wasteland called Afghanistan, where we went to look for Osama bin Laden, who we once supplied with weapons to fight Russia. So I would be interested in knowing just exactly what is it The Tampa Tribune editorial staff would have our latest unwitting puppet of the military industrial complex do. How can the internal politics of Syria be any of our business? Henry Pierson Odessa Nelson’s move questioned Sen Bill Nelson’s hypocrisy shows itself once again when he announces legislation to cut the pay of members of Congress if federal employees are forced into furloughs by sequestration budget cuts. How many people are aware that Nelson is a multimillionaire who won’t miss his salary one bit? Unlike him, there are members of Congress who aren’t millionaires, who can’t survive without regular salaries. It’s easy to announce things like this with great fanfare, especially with sycophantic reporters ready and willing to do your bidding without reporting both sides of an issue. William March has forgotten what it means to be an independent reporter when it comes to politics. Paul Nelson Wesley Chapel
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