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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: And the award goes to ...

And the award goes to ...

In regard to the June 29 article “Naming of valedictorian may end” in Pasco County, the school superintendent appears to want to give everyone a trophy. Why don’t we just give every graduate the same atta-boy? We don’t want a C student to feel bad that he or she didn’t get the same grade as an A student — another liberal idea.

Leon G. Van Ess


Save motorists from ‘scam’

Once in a while government should be on the side of its people. In Florida, toll by plate is a scam that authorities can save motorists from. If you take a toll road in Florida today without a SunPass, you get a bill in the mail. The bill includes the toll plus an administrative charge, which is usually higher than most tolls. It takes longer to pay that bill via the Internet or by mail than the time spent slowing down at a toll gate to pay cash.

SunPass made sense to me as a convenience option when it started. You could prepay and avoid the momentary wait at the toll booths. Visitors to Florida and other people, especially infrequent users of toll roads, could take the manual lanes. However, SunPass is now compulsory. Unlike states like Texas, Florida is not retaining manual options on its highways.

The benefit to motorists or even the authorities is hard to tell. If they saved money by removing their friendly toll booth staff, they should cut toll rates and not impose administrative charges.

Newton Owi


‘Lawless chief executive’

President Obama complained Friday that the GOP doesn’t “do anything except block me.” Unfortunately, they failed to stop the catastrophe of Obamacare and had no power to stop his 2012 executive order halting the deportation of illegal minors. Consequently, the border is now overrun with hordes of itinerant and illiterate minors for the taxpayer to support. The Border Patrol is now the illegal alien welcome wagon, and regional army bases housing the onslaught look like the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

Obama failed to mention the dozen or more times the Supreme Court has also blocked him, often with most of the liberal justices voting with the conservatives. Thank God the tepid Republicans take a stand at least some of the time with regard to our lawless chief executive.

Perhaps if “rubber stamp” Harry Reid is no longer Senate majority leader after November they’ll grow a little more backbone when it comes to thwarting the radicalism of our dear leader. Maybe they’ll even decimate the next IRS appropriation in response to the out-of-control politicization there: wholesale furloughs, vanishing bonuses, etc. Sending the agency a questionnaire regarding the content of their prayers as they did to tea party groups applying for tax-exempt status shouldn’t be necessary — just massive cuts in response to the blatant obstruction of congressional oversight, and we’ll all know the content without having to ask.

Dwayne Keith


Taking the Fifth

This is in response to the Tribune’s recent Ad Watch article that details the Republicans trying to get the TV stations to not run the Democrats’ ads that show Rick Scott pleading the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. He did this 75 times during the investigation into fraud at Columbia/HCA — a company of which he was CEO. My opinion is not about politics, except to say I’m a registered Democrat, I vote Republican about 40 percent of the time, and I’m not that big a fan of Charlie Christ. I think Scott has done some good things for this state. My opinion/concern is based on the concepts of law, morality and fair play. The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees all of us the right to not incriminate ourselves by answering questions put to us under oath by lawyers. This is where I have my concern with this and how it applies to Scott. The prosecutor’s job is to get the person being questioned to tell the truth or get caught lying (perjury). The defense attorney’s job sometimes is to do just the opposite. But you can’t get either when the person legally doesn’t have to answer.

Why wouldn’t you want to answer truthfully if you have nothing to hide? I know people are concerned about good lawyers turning answers around and trying to “spin” the truth. But in the end, the truth is the truth, no matter how you spin it.

Having worked in varying senior sales management positions for five of the top 10 consumer products companies in the world, I interfaced with CEOs all the time. I know how business and finance works — $350 million is a lot of cash flow into any company, no matter where or how it comes in. Do any of you really think Scott had no idea what was going on?

Dave Bonhomme


New hitting coach needed

I have written several letters to the Rays’ front office inquiring why they don’t find a quality hitting instructor. There’s been nothing but silence. Case in point: Stephen Vogt. He didn’t know what a hit looked like when he was a Ray. He now sports a batting average of over .300 with the Oakland A’s and is playing regularly. I rest my case.

R. Laird

New Port Richey

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