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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: America's genius

America's genius President Ronald Reagan said, "America became great because it was not afraid to unleash the genius of man." The freedom from government interference permitted immigrants to work hard, to create better policies and techniques in industry, and gave them the incentive to seek their dreams of success. America, for a time, became the only country that freed the genius of man. People came to us as new citizens, for they were seeking only opportunity to follow their dreams, understanding that America did not guarantee their success. We hope that new immigrants of today want freedom from government while understanding there is no guarantee of success. All mankind, in order to achieve dreams, need to know that success is up to them. The Fourth of July is a time to remember the Founding Fathers and the special Constitution they developed, the veterans who served to protect it, and those who died protecting it.
All Americans should use this day to measure our status as a nation, whether we have kept the genius of our founders, and if we agree that Americans should always be exceptional. Dick Artz Apollo Beach Thank you We've become very good at thanking our soldiers for the job they do, and I'm so glad of that. But we don't say it enough to those heroes here among us who never leave the battle and never get a break from it. The deaths of so many firefighters this week in Arizona seems like a good time to do that. Too many police officers and firefighters have died in the line of duty, and we too often take them for granted. I can't even imagine the courage it must take to step out of a car alone on a dark night to approach a law breaker in another vehicle, not knowing what that person might do, or the courage it takes to head willingly into a raging fire. So, to the police officers who stand between us and danger every night and day, and to the firefighters who put their lives on the line for us when called, a sincere thank you. And God bless. Meg Scott Plant City
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