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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Amber gamblers

Support red-light cameras

Regarding “Red-light cameras beneficial” (Our Views, Sept. 8): As you ended your editorial, “It would be wrong to repeal that authority now that the evidence shows the cameras are saving lives,” you are correct. You are educating and helping people understand how important it is to do all that is possible to stop breaking the Judeo-Christian commandment “Thou shall not kill” by allowing anyone, stupid or selfish, to run a red light.

Three years ago, a young man, with his girlfriend, selfishly ran a light going 65 mph and T-boned my wife and two youngest children. Truth is stranger than fiction, for the red-light runner gave a lame excuse — that he ran the light because his post-traumatic war syndrome caused him to think that he heard a gunshot behind him, which caused him to run the red light. He received only a ticket (hand slap) from the Florida Highway Patrol. Thank God, no one died, but I will say that, and I repeat, his selfish or stupid decision has set back my family tremendously. Both parties were more fortunate than many others involved in red-light accidents, for some do not make it through alive.

Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee has an excellent video on his website that is not graphic, but it shows people running red lights at some of the camera intersections: “Red Light Runners Beware! The Cameras Will Catch You Night and Day. Here’s Proof” — (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh8VC2LMoCY). Please view and share this video.

I’m in favor of red-light cameras and anything that will help people understand what will stop people from being totally atrocious by destroying or ending innocent lives.

Dale Kimball


Benghazi demands answers

Thank you for Howard Altman’s continued coverage of the Gulfport man who lost his son last year in the terrorist attacks on an American diplomatic compound in Libya. One only wonders what last thoughts passed through the minds of Sean Smith and three others — including Ambassador Chris Stevens — when they finally realized no help would be coming.

Despite Stevens’ repeated warnings to Hillary Clinton’s State Department of Benghazi’s severe security problems, what did Smith, Stevens and the others think when they knew that Clinton and her boss, President Barack Obama, left them to die like dogs in the desert without even trying to mount a rescue?

As we continue to mourn the losses of 9/11, there’s at least some closure because we at least have had a thorough investigation of that barbaric act of terrorism. We can only hope that someday we’ll also learn the truth of the failures by Obama and Clinton in Benghazi. Our memories of these honored dead in Benghazi demand it.

Mike Kersmarki


Russia’s progress

Let us look at Russia today. Their president offered a peaceful solution to the chemical weapons crisis and followed through obtaining permission for an international force to enter Syria and take charge of all chemical weapons. Russia is a predominately Christian nation and as such forbids abortions and considers homosexuality a sin. Russia has moved from communism to a capitalist country with many problems in this transition, but their situation and economy continue to improve daily.

It appears the progress in Russia under President Putin is the antithesis of the decline of the USA under President Obama.

Today Russia is held in high regard by the international community while the deeply indebted USA is a laughing stock. Putin’s Syria solution places Russia ahead of the United States as a world power for the promotion of peace in the world. We now have the greatest per-capita debt in the world and are getting deeper in debt daily.

Truly, the United States should step back and reflect on the Russian progress in light of our declining economy and respect in the world and try to turn a corner by reducing the unmanageable debt and concentrating on the problems in the United States, leaving the problems of the world to Russia, Germany, Great Britain and others to handle.

Lou Christodoulou

Apollo Beach

Leadership questions

I agree with the Tribune editorial on April Griffin’s attempt to influence, behind the scenes, sports eligibility policy (“Griffin wrong to stick nose in sports case,” Our Views, Sept. 11).

School board members indeed need to stick to setting policy, formulating the budget and evaluating the performance of the district’s superintendent. Griffin’s actions raise leadership questions for the board.

Randy Toler


The writer is a candidate for Hillsborough County School Board, District 6.

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