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Sunday, Sep 24, 2017
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Acts of war

Acts of war The recent acts of war — invading an embassy is an act of war, in case you weren't aware — against the United States and its citizens require a firm response. This political finger pointing must stop. Our brothers and sisters, both military and civilian, around the world are looking to our elected officials to render leadership, not scholarly pontification. My Marine Corps Grandfather Clements had a saying that I try my hardest to live by: "Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way." You can't tell me that being politically correct when our people are under attack is the best way to react to this. Elected officials need to understand that our citizens are being murdered for some other country's ideology. So either step up, be part of the solution and make a difference or get out of the way for those who can. This disgusting arm-chair quarterbacking with my brothers' and sisters' lives on the front line does not cut it by any means.
Politicians who are using American citizens who were murdered by foreign religious zealots as an election platform absolutely make me want to give my vote to almost anyone else. These weak, nasty and cowardly actions show us you are not fit for office. How you handle this, hopefully by working with your co-workers — other American citizens and not just your political party — is going to determine whether you deserve to call yourself an American, much less an elected official. Tina Hilson Tampa Industrialized medicine It's hard to sympathize with Germany's doctors. Thousands of them are threatening to launch a series of rolling strikes, not because they are faced with a pay cut but because they consider an offered pay increase insufficient. Physicians are already one of the best-paid professional groups in the country. Many patients still resent their antics of a few years back, when they took to washing drivers' windshields at stoplights outside of hospitals, a not-so-subtle-way of saying they were treated like manual laborers. So their complaints now sound very much like the whining of an ill-mannered elite. Yet the doctors make one valid point: Germany's health system pays them much more for running tests than it does for actually talking to patients face to face. As a result, we waste our health-care euros on "over- diagnosis and over-treatment that make patients sicker." Studies have shown that more than three-quarters of knee surgeries, two-thirds of cardiac stent implantations and half of all MRIs and CT scans done in the country are medically superfluous. This is what doctors should be protesting: how the industrialization of medicine corrupts the fee system and threatens the health of patients. Jerome Schine Temple Terrace
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