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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: A victory for all Floridians

A victory for Floridians

The Florida Supreme Court’s landmark ruling last week that a Florida statute capping recovery of non-economic losses in medical practice cases is unconstitutional is good news for the family and countless Floridians.

The case involved the death of Michelle McCall. Her family was awarded $2 million in non-economic damages as a result of medical malpractice. Because of statutory caps enacted in 2003, the trial court reduced the award to $1 million. The McCall family appealed. In its decision, the state Supreme Court ruled that caps imposed unfair and illogical burdens on injured parties, especially when multiple claimants are involved.

In a key interpretation, the court noted the statutory cap on wrongful death damages does not bear a rational relationship to such cap’s stated purpose: to reel in Florida’s supposed medical malpractice insurance crisis. Justice R. Fred Lewis, writing for the majority, noted that although the caps were enacted to reduce excessive damage awards and curb the crisis, the “crisis” itself was based on erroneous data which since has been “completely undermined” by government reports, including the Governor’s Select Task Force on Healthcare Professional Liability Insurance.

The Florida Supreme Court has righted a wrong that has existed in Florida for more than 10 years and restored the rights of those who have suffered at the hands of negligent health care providers.

Justice, at long last, has been served.

Peter Spillis

Fort Lauderdale

The writer is an attorney.

Praise misguided

Your editorial extolling the capture of the tanker with Libyan oil demonstrates what is possible and illuminates the president’s failure to act immediately in Benghazi (“Navy SEALs give Obama rare foreign triumph,” Our Views, March 18).

True, this helps the present Libyan administration and is a blow to the resistance in Libya which is seeking greater freedom from this regime.

But one must be quick to note that this Libyan regime has not done anything to identify, capture or prosecute the terrorists who stormed the U.S. Embassy and tortured and killed the U.S. ambassador and U.S. citizens defending the embassy. In fact, this government removed the Libyan military forces assigned to protect the embassy to facilitate the terrorist attack.

The U.S. should have had sanctions in place against Libya until its government captured and prosecuted the terrorists involved in the massacre in Benghazi. Instead, the Obama administration imposes sanctions against Russia for following the dictates of the Crimean population for a free and democratic election.

Any diversion from the facts in Benghazi is deemed acceptable, even if this means military support for a Libyan government with terrorist leanings as demonstrated by its lack of effort to bring the Benghazi terrorists to justice.

The Tribune elects to glorify this action by the Navy SEALs and President Obama when it should be questioning why similar rapid action was not taken in Benghazi!

Lou Christodoulou

Apollo Beach

Stand up to bear

History does repeat itself.

Vladimir Putin’s takeover of Crimea looks a lot like Adolf Hitler when he annexed Austria. After all, they were mainly Germans; now Putin says that the Crimean people are mainly Russians.

Where is NATO? Sitting on its tush and giving Putin a slap on the hand, but not too hard; after all, he provides natural gas to the rest of Europe.

Did Hitler not have many jobs and money to help Austria? What will NATO do when Russia invades Ukraine? Another slap on the hand until he invades Poland?

NATO must stand up to the Russian Bear — a strong army made up of all NATO countries based in Ukraine and Poland. NATO must also provide the arms necessary for Ukraine to defend itself.

Any person interested in history can very well see the similarities. Let us not make the same mistake again. We must stop Putin.

Is Cuba next? Putin has visions of the old Soviet Union.

Paul Sauvé

Plant City

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