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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: A new Tribune

A new Tribune

Congratulations to the news crew at the Tribune. I am one of perhaps many who had decided to supplement our daily reading with your friendly rival across the bay, and in doing so we had them side by side every morning. Clearly, the Tribune did not do well in this comparison for the past few years.

But now, there is emerging a new Tribune that is refreshing and, more importantly, has a better feel for the pulse and distinct tastes of Tampa citizenry.

This is a good thing.

George Resch


Travel excuses

Your editorial concerning the travels of Hillsborough County School Board member Susan Valdes raised a question (“Valdes a too-frequent traveler,” Our Views, Jan. 3): Why in the world is there even a need for a National Association of Latino Elected Officials or National Hispanic Caucus of the National School Boards Association? Just what is it that Hispanic school board members do that black or white school members don’t do? Is there something here that I’m missing?

If the Trib or anyone could clarify that for me I would certainly appreciate it. Sounds to me that maybe these organizations are really just an excuse to travel at taxpayer expense.

John H. Boyet


Drug testing

Regarding “Appeal welfare decision” (Your Views, Jan. 4): Yes, Cheryl Kelley, there are people out there who are cheating the system, but there are seniors who cannot live on just Social Security and who have never taken illegal drugs.

They have worked all of their lives and have not made enough to live on. They should not be held responsible for the behaviors of others.

Also, who is going to pay for these tests?

What about the children who are going without food on weekends? Don’t tell me that this isn’t happening in our country. You have to be from a distant planet to believe that.

Gov. Rick Scott also wants state workers to undergo drug testing. Can we start with him? After all, he is the head state worker.

Anita Hoffman


Columnists and potheads

I read Richard Wheeler’s letter to the editor “Printed Fox News” in Tuesday’s Tribune and wonder whether he has been reading the same Tribune I have over the past year or so. Apparently, he hasn’t read columns by William March, Joe Henderson, Steve Otto, and the supposed Republican Paula Dockery. These columnists, along with others, always have a liberal slant in their articles.

Wheeler only needs to read Henderson’s column in Tuesday’s paper, “Bondi playing politics with marijuana,” about the issue of approving medical marijuana in Florida, which Henderson boils down to politics between Charlie Crist and Gov Rick Scott. Henderson just can’t understand why (Florida Attorney General Pam) Bondi would not allow the “poor cancer patients” and others the relief they would get from marijuana. He does throw a bone Bondi’s way when he states that federal law classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance, which is highly addictive. He then compares marijuana to doctors prescribing oxycodone and other painkillers and thereby justifies doctors prescribing marijuana.

If you look at the states that have approved medical marijuana, just like the pain pills, there is much abuse, and the cost is subsidized through the federal government paying for it through health care plans. I can’t believe taxpayers would agree to pay for this drug for the “potheads” in America who would surely find a way to get a prescription.

Also, if a Republican president were in office, there would be many front-page articles about the failures in the launch of Obamacare. I applaud your decision to balance the scale a little with the new conservative column.

Sondra Jackson


Fireworks complex?

I’ve been reading Views in the Tribune for the past few days about fireworks, and something dawned on me. New Year’s and the Fourth of July are really the only two big days for fireworks unless you’re actually trying to scare birds out of your corn or strawberry field. I have really never seen that, which would probably be done during the day anyway. I thought, what if the fireworks thing is like the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned about? Making, distributing and selling fireworks require that companies hire people and purchase equipment, materials and vehicles. There is probably not enough money made during just two days a year for professional fireworks shows, even if you throw in Disney fireworks shows, to run a profitable company. So, of course, these companies look to sell fireworks more broadly than just to professionals.

So we will continue to sell fireworks to the public, and our government will continue to spend tax money buying helicopters, planes, ships and guns and giving them to Egypt, Pakistan and Mexican drug lords to keep American companies solvent and American workers on the job.

Terry Larson



The scariest words today are: “Congress has returned from Christmas break,” and “Obama has returned from vacation.”

Kit Werremeyer


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