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Friday, Oct 20, 2017
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Letters to the editor: A must see

A must see An excellent movie is in theaters that gives the background and history of one of the candidates for president. All voters of any party should see the movie, which gives the history and understanding they need to make a rational choice for president in November. If voters do not see "2016" they will be uninformed. Uninformed voters will not select a candidate based on this critical information. If you do not know a candidate's background, you cannot understand how that candidate will function if elected. David Figueroa
Valrico 'Extreme agenda' The GOP platform includes a provision that would require a 12-year-old incest victim to become a mother. She would be forced to have a child forced upon her first by a family member and then by a political party. Her voice is never considered. The well-being and future of the mother and her child are not considered, either. I don't know anyone who thinks this scenario is a family value we want to protect in America. What happened to personal freedom, especially for the victims of sex crimes? And a closer look at the GOP platform is very telling about what kind of life this 12-year-old mother and her child can expect: No prenatal health care, no food stamps, no child care, no welfare because the 12-year-old is too young to work; and no educational future (at least for the 12-year-old mother who drops out of school to raise her child). This is their extreme agenda. This is their wish list. Really. Wendy Cartwright Tampa Inform, don't entertain The Republican Party convention speakers need to focus on informing the American people, not entertaining them. They need to expose many of the lies perpetrated by liberals, starting with the notion that Obamacare will reduce health care costs; it will not. There is no tort reform — loser pays legal costs to the winner. They need to challenge the argument that Republicans want to throw "granny off the cliff," but, rather, the Republican Party wants to phase out the current Social Security system from those younger than 55 to take control away from the federal government. They need to challenge the notion that the rich need to pay more, as if the rich stole the money. If the rich earn more and were taxed at the same rate as everyone else, they would pay more in taxes on the money they earned. John Bloom Newport News, Va. 'GOP Olympics' Since the primaries have already decided the nominee, and he has chosen his running mate, the function of the RNC is really to thank all the corporations and people who wrote checks to get Mitt Romney there. So, look for the corporations and the usual billionaires, whom we have come to know all too well, to use this as an opportunity to get everyone in the same room for some good old-fashioned back slapping, fear mongering, name calling and check writing. It's the GOP Olympics, with everyone getting the gold. That's why you won't see any GOP senators or representatives skipping this convention. Until we have real campaign finance reform, it's going to be all about the billionaires picking winners and losers. Gary Gibbons Tampa Taking us backward The Pentagon released a report finding no impact on morale, readiness or unit cohesion in the eight months since Don't Ask, Don't Tell was repealed, a policy forcing lesbian and gay troops to lie and keep secrets in order to serve the country they love. It is clear there have been no problems, and we should applaud the end of this flawed policy. Instead, the GOP platform wants to reinstate Don't Ask, Don't Tell. We need to move "Forward" as a nation, and this is another example of how the GOP is only interested in taking us backward. I applaud President Obama's leadership on this issue. Sally L. Phillips Tampa

The writer is president of the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus.
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