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Friday, Sep 22, 2017
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor:

Let Bass Pro pay Bass Pro is a giant company, and I don't want any of my tax money spent to help them "compete" with our local business. If they need something they need to pay for it out of their pocket, not mine. If building the proposed store is not a viable proposition, then it should not be built, especially on the backs of local taxpayers who have no say in this.
Rush Hood Tampa Right priorities Gov. Rick Scott recently released his "Florida Families First" state budget plan for fiscal year 2013-14. The governor's emphasis is rightly placed on education and jobs to maintain Florida's focus on building a skilled workforce and growing jobs. One of the governor's recommendations calls for doubling annual funding for Florida's Quick Response Training (QRT) Grant program, from $6 million to $12 million. QRT is an influential factor when new businesses such as Tampa's StreetLinks Lender Solutions move to Florida. StreetLinks Lender Solutions plans to hire and train 224 people with assistance from a QRT grant. QRT is a performance-based, partial reimbursement program that heightens productivity, enhances employees' skills and increases workers' wages upon training completion. Recent data shows employees' wages, on average, increased nearly 30 percent after receiving QRT-supported training. As chairman of the Workforce Florida Board of Directors, I applaud Gov. Scott for putting Florida's families first in his proposed state budget for fiscal 2013-14. Dwayne E. Ingram Odessa How would Jesus fare? The senators questioning the president's nominees are really amazing. I would bet that Jesus Christ couldn't be confirmed for any position. Can you imagine some of their questions and statements? "What is this peace and justice thing you are always talking about?" "We want to see copies of all of your Gospel declarations about treating people fairly and taking care of your brothers and sisters." "Who paid you for these Gospel messages?" "You need to be aware that we may filibuster your appointment until we get this information." Sound familiar? Surely we can do better than these people. Ross P. Alander Tampa
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