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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor:

Fund it yourself

History is a great teacher, as Hillsborough County Commissioners Ken Hagan and Mark Sharpe should recall. If former county Commissioner Ed Turanchik proposes anything economically, do not return his call. Turanchik’s MO is to fleece the taxpayers without him or his client having any skin (money) in the game. Recall the harebrained scheme for an Olympics and light rail with no plan.

Simply put, free enterprises, not large subsidies such as Hagan and Sharpe are infamous for, is the answer. If Turanchik’s client wants a ferry service, have at it, but do not ask for me to subsidize it.

Dick Powers


Doing the tough stuff

On behalf of Girl Scout Troop 806, I want to recognize and thank Bart Weiss, Luke Mulford and Luke Armstrong from the Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department. They went above and beyond the call of duty in organizing and presenting a tour of the Ed Radice Wastewater Treatment Center for the troop.

Not only did the girls learn about our county’s water treatment system, they got to see dedicated public servants who are passionate about their work.

During the tour, Mr. Armstrong told the girls to “do the tough stuff in school — not just the easy stuff” for a better payoff, and he said girls will rule the world if they keep working hard. He also emphasized that the world needs more engineers and utility operators to keep our precious water clean and safe.

Our appreciation goes out to these public servants, especially Mr. Mulford and Mr. Armstrong, who took time out of their personal lives to provide the tour to the troop on a Sunday afternoon.

Amy Ingram


Don’t put burden on us

Regarding “Wake up — Obamacare will help workers” (Letter of the Day, Feb. 10): Did it ever occur to writer Mary White in Clearwater that we, the American public, are not interested in subsidizing your health care so you can have the” flexibility” to come and go as you please? Here’s an idea. Go to work, earn money, save some of it and provide your own “flexibility” like the rest of us do and did. Don’t put the burden on us and future generations for your lack of planning.

John Ferris


Higher education

Regarding “Another higher education formula” (Our Views, Jan. 23): The editorial states: “The state Board of Governors has developed a ‘performance funding model’ aimed at ensuring universities to produce graduates ready for the workplace.” It is pushing the universities to be more accountable so students are able to apply their knowledge in the workplace. The rewards from the governor to the universities will lead to a dictatorship-type economy due to the governor’s request to the universities. Higher education should be a choice by the student, not a demand by the state. Next, we will have a totalitarian government that runs Florida.

Higher education should not be forced by the state. The purpose of higher education is to empower students with knowledge for the future that will bring change to the economy. Schooling is not a quick fix for the economy but can help prepare students for future changes.

Consuela “Connie” Williams


Harming a foundation

Regarding the attorney general’s decision to have the Justice Department expedite recognition of same-sex couples, here are some thoughts to ponder. I’m pretty sure that Eric Holder and President Obama are doing what they consider to be only fair. Yet why is it fair to give some people special benefits and protections and not others? Why should two friends living together or, say, a brother and sister living together to economize be shut out of these privileges? Enduring love and commitment are not limited to romantic relationships.

For those on the fence concerning same-sex “marriage,” you need to know that the movement is not about fairness. I wish the best for everyone to relate to others however they desire. We can have a separate debate about to what degree government should be tilted in favor of marriage. Too often, though, I see a gay movement less about acceptance and more about mocking and rejecting a biblical underpinning of our society. Those who think it is insufficient to appeal to the Bible for traditional marriage are ironically undermining the very foundation for human rights, equality and dignity in our culture.

Mike Carlson

Weeki Wachee

No longer news

Martin Fennelly’s column Tuesday (“Sam’s announcement provides big test for NFL,” Sports) is a must read because it needs to be a last read. Fine, an outstanding athlete announces he’s gay. So? Enough already. Why is everyone so concerned about a person’s sexual orientation? It’s a personal thing. Here we have an outstanding athlete, possibly one of the NFL’s future stars. There are a plethora of star athletes in every sport who are gay, and I have yet to see in any sports program that there is an asterisk next to their name, depicting same. Hopefully, Martin’s column will be read far and wide and those who do will draw the same conclusion I have: It’s no longer news.

John Osterweil


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