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Saturday, Apr 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor

Leave us alone Jesse and Al should do us all a favor: Follow their own advice and boycott Florida. Pack up their carpetbags and go sponge off some other part of the country. Take their racial spew they try to incite everywhere and go back to Chicago and New York City. We get along very nicely without their help. Florida will manage nicely with any boycott they can try to manufacture, so that kind of threat holds little water.
I'm sure Detroit is beautiful in December and would be more than happy to accommodate any convention they can organize there. Floridians are accustomed to storms. They blow into town, stir up a mess, and then blow out, leaving residents to clean up. Sound familiar? It is sad that there are cities like Chicago where young black men are being killed at an alarming rate every day and night. Where is the outrage and the sit-ins and the protests over those poor souls, or does that not count because most are killed by other black men? This state needs to heal its wounds, not pour salt on them. We can manage nicely without any outside help. James Woods Brooksville Apology owed The Rev. Jesse Jackson owes the people of Florida a public apology for his ignorant, insensitive, overreaching and off-the-mark comment calling our state an "apartheid" state. Either he doesn't know what apartheid really is, or he was grandstanding for publicity. Either way, painting the whole state of Florida with the same broad brush is reprehensible. Ana Gomez-Mallada, Esq. MiamiTravel itinerary Regarding "Gov. Scott demands Jackson apologize" (Aug. 1): "Jesse Jackson's Recipe for Travel:" 1. Swoop into town. 2. Rile up some folks - pick a cause, any cause. 3. Spend the night - optional. 4. Leave town. 5. Repeat steps 1 through 4. Lew Prichard TampaManning trial Regarding "Manning not guilty of aiding enemy" (July 31): So Denise Lind's shamelessly rigged military kangaroo court finally comes to its foregone conclusion. Bradley Manning was not your average small-town, poorly educated, brainwashed GI in Iraq. He had access to hundreds of atrocities carried out by American troops, along with corrupt practices engaged in by various embassies in concert with the chamber of commerce, all of which he naively thought the American people should know about. Although naivety is not a crime, they will throw the book at him as a warning to others who might shine the light on even more such crimes. Hillary Clinton, in particular, will sleep well because as secretary of state American embassies came under her jurisdiction, which was why she never lifted a finger to intercede on Manning's behalf during two years of mistreatment at the Quantico Marine brig, which the U.N. described as torture, with the U.N. Justice Minister himself denied permission to visit Manning. It remains to be seen exactly how long Manning gets, but with President Obama declaring him guilty before the "trial" even started - which some said should have led to a mistrial - and for saying that the American flag meant nothing to him after what he saw in Iraq, it will be a lot longer than he deserves. R. G. Wheeler Lealman Bombs at Busch? I'm curious if there are others out there who are as sick and tired of hearing the nightly cacophony from Busch Gardens as I am. Every night, the booming explosions of fireworks accompany me as I try to valiantly read my Tribune or perform other normal human functions during what used to be the quiet of the evening. It sounds like a military exercise is going on. Did I mention that it's every night? It's not occasionally, not based on some holiday. I'd like to make Busch Gardens aware that there are people who live nearby, and suggest that maybe they give us a little consideration. I also wonder, purely from a business standpoint, how much it helps the park to blast away like this every night. Do they really think that this noise is going to draw people in? "Hey! I hear fireworks - let's go to Busch Gardens!" I rather doubt that occurs to anyone. It must be costing them tens of thousands to make all this noise every night. And to what end? Hey, Busch Gardens-lots of people live near your park, and a lot of us need to relax and rest so we can go to work in the morning refreshed. Think you could at least cut it out on Sunday evenings? Rob McFarlin Temple Terrace
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