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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor:

Is this constitutional? Regarding Obamacare: I am getting on up in age so my memory tends to fail me from time to time. However, if I remember my high school civics class correctly, I have a problem with the president being able to change a law that was passed by Congress and signed by him without going back to Congress first. Under what authority can President Obama exempt organizations from certain portions of the law, and how can he arbitrarily change the effective date of certain provisions without the approval of Congress?
What am I missing? Is this constitutional? Did the law that had to be passed before our congressional leaders could find out what was in it have a provision that gives the president the authority to change anything in the law that he so desires? Help me out, fellow citizens! Hugh Sullivan TampaState law ignored Another Fourth of July has passed with lots and lots of illegal fireworks and lots of terror and misery for countless pet dogs and cats because our law enforcement officers and county commissioners will not enforce the state's prohibition. Do any of these public servants have any empathy at all for the creatures that must endure this senseless agony? Fireworks sales to the general public are supposed to be limited to persons involved in agriculture or mining, not for amusement or recreation. James Wilson Riverview Failing students Regarding college loans: Why are we making it so tough for our young generation to get a good education? This is one area our government should get behind as strong as we are for our VA group. This young group of Americans are bewildered as to which way to go. A positive future is at stake. They don't know which path to take. Why can't America handle our education progress the way China does? By this I mean that education is their No. 1 priority for its people. Wake up America, and put your mind into gear. H.L. Mcwithey TampaCommitment and love In response to Bruce Allen's "Natural and unnatural" (Your Views, July 1): The view expressed about the "natural order" and its relation to marriage is bogus. They are merely straw men used to describe things that are common in our human experience. Those mentioned are common parts of our life but unrelated to marriage. Marriage involves fundamental elements of commitment and love. These are the heart of the marriage relationship. These are found in all cultures and religions. They are not exclusively Christian. They are not exclusive to male/female marriages. They are of the natural order and fundamental to all marriage relationships regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity or class. Marriage depends only on commitment and love to survive and thrive. Allen's attempt to discredit same-sex marriage based on his natural-order theory misses the mark by a mile. He apparently is unaware of the fundamentals of what constitutes the "natural order" of a marriage relationship. I understand he doesn't like the idea of same-sex marriage, but spare me the angst bundled in a supposedly Christian-inspired and seemingly rational theory of the natural order. The Christ I found and follow demands love and acceptance of all. It's not always easy, but give it a try. It might set you free to live a life of love. C.L. Townsend Jr. Plant City
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