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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor:

Look in mirror Sen. Marco Rubio now has yet another amendment that requires immigrants to have proficiency in English - a lofty and worthy goal for all who enter the country, whether they are from Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Cuba, Canada, etc. Here is a reasonable counter request: How about current Americans also having a proficiency in English? Now there is a challenge. We need to look in the mirror before we become too judgmental. Ross P. Alander
TampaStupid and confused Regarding "Nelson seeks probe into contractor leaks" (Metro, June 21): Nothing new here, just one more member of Congress who does not know what he is talking about. First, defense contractors such as Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) do not accomplish the background investigations for employees who need top-secret clearances from the U.S. government. This is the responsibility of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), a federal agency. So, don't blame BAH for allowing Edward Snowden to receive his security clearances. Second, compare the number of security leaks by defense contractor personnel (estimated to be 700,000) to security leaks by the administration and Congress, and you will find that, in comparison, contractors have a very good record. This is not surprising in that a great number of these contractors are retired military - with extensive experience and expertise - and very patriotic. Please note that the two recent leakers (Bradley Manning and Snowden) were young, stupid and confused men. Claude Fortin Valrico Double standard Paula Deen is getting a bum rap. I am a former Florida boxing commissioner and have had heard many men of color use the N-word on each other without a second thought in locker rooms and gyms. Black comedians use it flagrantly. When I was in the Army they used it flagrantly also, and it was always used to describe what each other was or is. I am not saying two wrongs make a right, but there sure is a double standard when a million wrongs for one group is OK, but one wrong for another group ruins a career and a life. John Mannone TampaBanished Paula Deen has paid the price for telling the truth. I am 86 years old. In my time the N-word was used, and I have used it, not in a hateful or demeaning manner. I do not condone it. It was just a figure of speech. Show me someone from that time period who says they have not used it, and I will show you a liar and a hypocrite. The politically correct crowd needs to get out in the real world. I find the word "black" is more offensive than the N-word. I know where you are coming from, Paula. The politically correct crowd hasn't shown me very much. Hang in there, Paula. Don't comprise your principles. I am sending a copy of this to the Food Network, as it is not on my list to watch anymore! Lloyd Roberts Riverview A beautiful person Is there anybody out there who can say he or she has never said the wrong thing? Please get real! Restore Paula Deen; she is a beautiful person. Bob Guenthner TampaRemembering Whitman Regarding the death of Slim Whitman: I worked with Slim Whitman at the Tampa shipyard - I was his welder. He told me he was working to get money so he could become an entertainer and singer. Slim said he had to learn to play the guitar left-handed, as he had lost part of a finger on his right hand (I don't know this as a fact because he always had gloves on). I left Tampa Ship to join the Navy, and we exchanged addresses so we could keep in touch, but we never did. Slim had his mustache even then; I don't know about his hairline since we had to wear hard hats. The next time I knew anything about Slim, he was a big hit in the British Isles and was coming back to the states, where he was also a big hit. Semian (Doc) Frazier Tampa
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