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Sunday, Sep 24, 2017
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Letters: Standing over bodies

Standing over bodies The horrible mass murder in Aurora, Col., is a devastating tragedy for the families and the people of this town. All Americans should pray for these folks, and as a nation we should reach out to them in their time of need. Unfortunately, there are heartless politicians who would rather use this horrible event to push their political agenda.
Only hours after the news began reporting this story people like Sen. Frank Lautenberg and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg began attacking the Second Amendment and gun rights. Instead of directing the blame at the murderer and trying to comfort the families of the victims, they would rather try to score political points. It should go without saying that James Holmes is responsible for this killing spree. Sadly, these politicians have no problem standing over the bodies and trying to tell you differently. It is a comfort to know most Americans have more heart and know better than to listen to these gibbering elected gasbags. Dana B. Orr Avon Park The NRA and fire I keep wondering what it will take for the National Rifle Association to try to find some type of compromise when it comes to gun control. They have been so successful at not compromising at all that this has become the same plan of action for other political groups and is leading to disastrous results for our country. I look at Dick Cheney and see that since he has a gay daughter, he believes in gay rights. It appears that these people need to be directly affected in order to get their attention. My fear is that at some NRA convention what happened in a movie theater will happen at a convention. I wonder how all the conventioneers would feel if their sons and daughters were mowed down like the innocent people who just wanted to go see a movie. I certainly hope that never happens, but there needs to be some way to convince these misguided people to try to find a way to make it harder to do this type of thing. Why can't they understand that they are infringing on our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Since it happened in a theater, I will cite the often used phrase that you might have the right of free speech, but you can't yell fire in a theater. Well, you might have the right to bear arms, but this right has caused far more pain than if the shooter yelled "Fire! Fire! Fire!" Duke Marquis Plant City Allowing evil What a miracle if someone in the crowd at that theater had a concealed weapon and destroyed the assassin before he could take any lives. Possibly, the strict gun laws have prevented the good from carrying firearms for protection, allowing the evil to randomly kill. John Mannone Tampa An armed society Regarding theaters adding extra security in response to the Colorado shootings: Clearly, we are an armed society, and this is the stated goal of the National Rifle Association. Certainly, the NRA's policies and legislation did not cause the Colorado massacre. However, its "guns everywhere" policy — guns in the home, in the car, on the person — has contributed to an armed society. At some point this agenda goes too far and firearms become readily available to almost anyone. This has become a national tragedy, as gun violence is part of our culture. Tom Burke Clearwater 'Intimate knowledge' I was truly shocked to read that a mistrial was ruled in the case against Courtney Brantley. I read the article with continued amazement regarding how one could possibly believe Brantley had "no knowledge" about her boyfriend being a felon and carrying a gun, when she professes to him via phone/text messages "loyalty until death do us part." Seems to me a pledge like that infers 100 percent intimate knowledge of another. I did not sit in the galley through the trial, nor was I on the jury, but just this one statement from Brantley regarding Dontae Morris would have made this a common-sense case for me that she acted willfully to hinder the finding and arrest of her "soul mate." A charge of depraved indifference should be added to this charge, to which no sane jury could be hung. Christy L. Solomon New Tampa Lamb responds I appreciate much The Tampa Tribune editorial pointing out my diligence, thorough understanding of education issues and my valuable, seasoned judgment on the Hillsborough County School Board ("Our choices for school board," July 18). Thank you as well for letting your readers know that I ask the tough questions of our administration. These are likely some of the reasons that I just recently received the endorsements of the Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association, Fraternal Order of Police, Greater Tampa Association of Realtors and West Central Florida Federation of Labor AFL-CIO Central Labor Council. For all these reasons, and because we are facing difficult economic times that require the wisdom and experience that comes from my lifetime commitment to the children as a former teacher and administrator and as a parent and grandparent, I ask that your readers vote for me on Aug. 14. Jack Lamb Tampa

The writer is running for re-election to the Hillsborough County School Board, District 3.
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