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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letter to editor: Special commissioner district for Hispanics a bad idea

No Hispanic district

I support the arguments against the establishment of a separate “Hispanic-Latino” county commissioner district here in Hillsborough County.

I was born in Puerto Rico. I lived abroad as well as in the United States as a child; the son of a proud Puerto Rican who served the United States during World War II. I also served the United States proudly for 22 years as an officer in the United States Army.

During my life and during my military career I visited most of the countries represented by the Hispanic community that now calls Tampa and Hillsborough County home. I believe that most of the Hispanics who live here are not interested in the political interests of a few activists.

Why should we permit the segregation of the Hispanic community through the establishment of a Hispanic district? We in the United States and those coming to the United States should be seeking “integration and assimilation” into our society and not isolation and poverty.

The activists who are advocating for a separate Hispanic district promise the Hispanic community better representation of their needs and aspirations. This is a lie. The only thing they want is power.

Angel Cintron


Mentor facts

Regarding “Mentoring for Elia” (Letters to the editor, Sept. 29):

The letter writer should do his homework. While he is correct that the mentoring program is highly regarded by Hillsborough Schools Superintendent MaryEllen Elia and others, he is confusing it with the peer evaluator program. Both fall under the Empowering Effective Teachers Gates Initiative, but mentors work with - and provide significant support for - first- and second-year teachers. Regardless of whether teacher morale is low, the mentor program is not the cause.

The issues the letter writer may have with the peer evaluation system belong in a different conversation.

Meg Bell


Bring fun back to football

Boy, do I miss Jon Gruden and Jim Leavitt. Football hasn’t been much fun since they left Tampa.

John Hutchison


Bus stop

This is for University of South Florida head football coach Willie Taggart: Please stop the bus, I want to get off.

He is not even aware that on a September day game in Florida you make the visiting team wear the dark uniforms.

Did he not think the University of Miami had enough of an advantage going into the game? Coach Taggart needs to absorb most of the heat for the Bulls’ poor start. Note to coach: “Do something!”

Rob McDaniel

Deerfield Beach

Face voters

So the pastor candidate, Bill Gunter, doesn’t wish to face his “flock” by standing up in the political pulpit to personally present his beliefs and convictions on the issues that affect the citizens of Pasco County. The candidate for state House District 36 is hiding behind a supersized collection basket stuffed with dollars from Republican Party “faithful” and related special-interest groups.

He is letting others cast the mud and stones at his opponent without having to take any personal responsibility for the accuracy or truth in his attacks. The citizens of Pasco County deserve better.

Cynthia Fargo

New Port Richey

Trash bin changes

With reference to the woman in the article, “Not everyone a fan of trash bins” (Metro, Sept. 29): If she doesn’t want to change the way she takes her trash down to the end of her lane why doesn’t she just leave the county’s bin at the end of the road and take her trash down in garbage bags or garbage cans, the way she always has, and dump it in the county’s bin?

And if you are a senior citizen with mobility problems, you can arrange with the county to have the workers walk up your driveway and get the bin.

The county has delayed the implementation of the new bin system here in Sun City Center until January, but I am looking forward to it - and to the money that it will save the county (and indirectly, me).

David Brown

Sun City Center

Punish rapists

Regarding the article, “Rapist Freed after 30 Days” (Nation and World, Sept. 27): A 14-year-old girl was raped by a 54-year-old Montana man in 2007. The girl committed suicide in 2010 before the man went to trial.

The rapist served a 30-day sentence and was released.

The judge drew outrage over the lenient sentence, and the case is now under review by that state’s Supreme Court. This rapist is directly responsible for this girl’s death. I believe he should be executed. I know the do-gooders would not allow that to happen. He should at least be tried for manslaughter, and given 15 to 30 years. If rapists were given severe penalties (if not executed), they would think twice before committing a heinous crime.

Carl D. Brannan


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