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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

'I am an American'

In response to Guadalupe Lamas' "It's time to stop denying the truth" (Letter of the Day, Aug. 1): I am an American. My family goes back to Jamestown on one side and to Russia on the other. We have served in the military since the Civil War and up to Afghanistan. I am not patronizing you or any others. I am telling the ones who are here illegally to get to the end of the line. This is why we have rules, and it is not fair to the rest of the immigrants in line already. There is no double talk to the ones who are here illegally. I clean my own house and have my own garden. I say, take a course on the Constitution and learn how the system works like the rest of us did. Stop complaining and assimilate if you want to be an American. Stephen Burchett
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