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Thursday, Nov 26, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letter of the Day: What might have been for the United States

Just over 20 years ago, America had the chance to succeed for the vast majority of U.S. citizens when we had the opportunity to elect a president who would have averted the great financial and foreign policy disasters that have subsequently taken pla...
Published: 11/16/15

Richard L. Eldridge: Let’s educate to replace mindless ignorance about law enforcement actions.

Regarding “Family seeks probe into police shooting of teen in swamp” (front page Nov. 6): I mourn for every family who loses a child. This family mourns a child who ultimately acted as a criminal when he attempted to kill two police off...
Published: 11/15/15

Letters to the editor: Be careful choosing candidates

Be careful
Published: 11/14/15

Letter of the Day: Did our generation fail?

In the 1960s I was a teenager. In 2015 I’m a great grandfather. Fifty-plus years have gone by, and the world still has problems we had back in the ’60s.
Published: 11/14/15

Letter of the Day: How about holding developers’ feet to the fire?

Tribune columnist Joe Henderson is correct — the Go Hillsborough referendum plan is flawed (“Referendum game plan badly flawed,” Metro, Nov. 8).
Published: 11/13/15

Letters to the editor: Amazing arrogance

Amazing arrogance
Published: 11/13/15

Letters to the editor: A wise decision

A wise decision
Updated one month ago

Letter of the Day: A daylight saving time lesson for young scientists — and the rest of us

Each fall and spring there is a spirited and somewhat humorous debate over the benefits and drawbacks of daylight saving time.
Updated one month ago

Letters to the editor: Never forget Armistice Day

Never forget Armistice Day
Updated one month ago

Letter of the Day: Honor our veterans with good citizenship

Today we celebrate Veterans Day, our nation’s commemoration of the sacrifices made by those whose lives are put on the front line for the freedoms we hold sacred.
Updated one month ago

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