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Saturday, Nov 28, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Perspective needed about refugees

Perspective needed
Published: 11/23/15

Letter of the Day: What is wrong with our young citizens?

I recently watched college students on TV demonstrating for free tuition and elimination of all existing students loans. Wow!
Published: 11/23/15

Letters to the editor: Bring back inspection stations

Bring back inspections
Published: 11/22/15

Letters to the editor: Wake up

Wake up
Published: 11/21/15

Letter of the Day: Balancing nature through hunting

Our emotional, nonlogical friends at anti-hunting organizations will never admit a success for the environment when hunting is involved as part of a solution.
Published: 11/21/15

Letters to the editor: Not even close

Not even close
Published: 11/20/15

Letter of the Day: Don’t blame all for the acts of a few

Yes, the Paris tragedy is horrific, and once again terrorists associated with Islamic State are to blame. Now, we have talking heads and politicians who want to prevent the influx of Muslims, mostly from war-torn Syria, from entering the United State...
Published: 11/20/15

Letters to the editor: ‘He has risen’

‘He has risen’
Published: 11/19/15

Letter of the day: Delays unjustified in movie theater shooting

Regarding, “Can’t get around the facts” (Your Views, Nov. 12): The letter writer raises a question I have had for the past year. The Curtis Reeves story about his shooting of a young man and his wife in the movie theater because ...
Published: 11/19/15

Letter of the day: Jeb is not the answer for true conservatives

In response to the column by former state House Speaker Will Weatherford (“Bush head and shoulders above rest of field,” Other Views, Nov. 12) and Tribune columnist Joe Henderson (“Jeb needs to find his inner Jeb!” Metro, ...
Published: 11/18/15

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