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Monday, Aug 31, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Smell the coffee

Smell the coffee
Published: 08/31/15

Letter of the Day: An urgent call to lawmakers at all levels

In October 2007 the American Society of Civil Engineers issued a report titled “The New Orleans Hurricane Protection System: What Went Wrong and Why?” It analyzed the events leading to the levee failures in New Orleans during Hurricane ...
Published: 08/31/15

Letters to the editor: Keep a promise

Keep a promise
Published: 08/30/15

Letter of the Day: Nothing ‘junior’ about UCF and USF along high-tech corridor

Thank you for calling attention to the role played by our high-tech corridor in creating and supporting a climate of invention (“Florida climate is right for inventors,” Richard Miles, Other Views, Aug. 24.) USF, UCF and UF are a fantas...
Published: 08/30/15

Letters to the editor: Not all about winning

Not all about winning
Published: 08/29/15

Letter of the Day: A way to fix deficient infrastructure

Funding public projects to maintain and repair roads and bridges has gotten short shrift from our elected officials for too long. Whether you’ve been stuck in an Interstate 275 traffic jam or thrown off your bike by a pothole, you know our roa...
Published: 08/29/15

Letter of the Day: Catching compassion

Three years ago, The Suncoast News published an article stating bullying prevention through a “culture change” will be a priority for Pasco’s then-new School Superintendent, Kurt Browning. Despite the fact Florida has one of the ...
Published: 08/28/15

Letters to the editor: Sweet memories

Sweet memories
Published: 08/28/15

Letter of the Day: Suicide: We need to have a conversation about it

Four hundred and three people in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties killed themselves last year. It’s a staggering record of one-year fatalities that contributes to an even more jaw-dropping five-year total of 1,844 deaths from suicide. It sho...
Published: 08/27/15

Letters to the editor: A disgrace

A disgrace
Published: 08/27/15

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