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Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Adjunct professors pay a price

Adjuncts pay a price
Published: 10/13/15

Letter of the Day: Newfound sense of understanding about contentious Cuba issue

Early last week I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Tampa Tiger Bay Club’s monthly event that featured a rousing debate on the past, present and future state of negotiations between the United States and Cuba. It was held at the beaut...
Published: 10/12/15

Letters to the editor: Justification

Published: 10/12/15

Letters to the editor: A better way to vote

A better way to vote
Published: 10/11/15

Letter of the Day: The ‘unrelenting assault’ against the Second Amendment

In reference to “Gun rules needed” (Your Views, Oct. 6) the writer talks about “uncontrolled gun possession” and how supporters of the Second Amendment argue that it is “absolute and unchangeable.” He is wron...
Published: 10/11/15

Letters to the editor: ‘Tampa Town’

‘Tampa Town’
Published: 10/10/15

Letter of the Day: Hillsborough’s diamond in the rough

The Jan K. Platt Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP) started in 1987 with a suggestion to purchase Cockroach Indian Mound and environmentally sensitive lands in Hillsborough County. Cockroach Bay’s history of the Tim...
Published: 10/10/15

Letters to the editor: USF: Enough is enough

USF: Enough is enough
Published: 10/09/15

Letter of the Day: Do not lose focus about why America is great

In my lifetime, I have witnessed periods of great patriotism. One such period was after 9/11. Our country was united as a result of this national tragedy. The aura of patriotism seemed to permeate every corner of our nation and every faction of our s...
Published: 10/09/15

Letters to the editor: The strongest law

The strongest law
Published: 10/08/15

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