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Sunday, Jun 17, 2018
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‘Now we understand’

Cathy Peek McEwen should be given the key to the city from both Tampa and St. Pete for her Other Views article about the Tropicana Field issue (“Baseball has responsibility to help free Rays from financial prison,” Aug. 21).

Those of us who are relatively new to the area — three years for me — had no idea of the background of the ill-conceived building of the Trop. The Tampa Tribune certainly knew about it, so how come there was never any mention of this blunder in response to the constant back and forth between the Tampa Bay Rays and St. Pete?

First and foremost, who in their right mind would ever enter into a quarter-century-long contract on anything other than marriage or a patent? To get locked into a closet for that long, considering the need for air, is inconceivable.

Major League Baseball certainly was a willing partner in this mess, so MLB needs to do its part in resolving it, rather than the threats and bluster by baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. He has enough to do with his wrist slapping of PED violators to keep him busy until he finally figures it out how to stop it. Selig was adequately forewarned by a predecessor, Peter Ueberroth, that this was not in the best interest of the sport. In addition, for the city of St. Pete to build the Trop against the best wishes and non-votes of the ones paying the bill provides strong evidence of a person or persons not thinking properly.

We have a great team, great manager, great organization and great weather for a domed stadium somewhere this side of the bay. Hire someone from St. Louis as an adviser.

Many thanks again to Cathy Peek McEwen. Now we understand.

Don Hoyem


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