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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Would you vote to kill Medicare and Social Security?

As the Affordable Care Act battle rages on, I believe it is beneficial for us to examine previous controversial government programs.

Let’s take Social Security.

In 1935, 98 percent of Republicans opposed Social Security.

In 1939, 75 percent of Republicans tried to kill Social Security.

In 1950, 75 percent of House and 89 percent of Senate Republicans voted against disability insurance provided in the Social Security Act.

And it goes on.

Yet, today I think very few would vote to kill Social Security.

Now, let’s take Medicare.

Ronald Reagan gave many speeches opposing Medicare.

In 1961 Reagan said, “Write to your congressional representative against the health care proposal, or we will awake to find we have socialism.”

Today, I believe very few would vote to kill Medicare.

James M. Donaldson


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