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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Winning the 'Rays Way'

With Major League Baseball's recent suspension of Ryan Braun and the possible suspensions of other MLB All-Stars in the coming weeks, I'm happy I am a Rays fan. Sure, the Rays aren't selling out every game, and sure, our players may or may not spend their entire careers in a Rays uni. But they play for the chance to be on the big stage. Think about some our past players and fan favorites: Carlos Peña - almost out of the league before he was a Ray; Jonny Gomes - not the best hitter but every team that has had him on a roster has said the same thing, "Great clubhouse guy." Our current roster, while not filled with household or nationwide names, has a team of players who I believe play "Rays Way" baseball - good, clean baseball. Money has not gotten the best or worst of this team since Stu Sternberg, Andrew Friedman, Matt Silverman and Joe Maddon took over. Thank you for that, Rays. Maybe its time to look at our sports teams as a city/area team representing a state/city/county and its residents, not as a star or stars who play for a guest spot on "The Tonight Show" or a Nike ad.
I hope the Rays win a World Series one day. I believe they will, but I hope it's won the "Rays Way." Root for the team, not the player, and your heart will never be broken. Todd J. Goodman Tampa
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