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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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Will Obama pull the same stunt in future?

President Obama recently proclaimed he is sorry that the people who wanted to keep their health insurance won’t be able to do so. He says he should have been clearer in his pledge. His pledge was plenty clear and not ambiguous. He said explicitly they could keep their insurance plan if they so desired. I can only assume his motive, but to me he did it to allay the fears of many citizens about the matter that helped embolden an unknown number of legislators to vote for the bill. You can’t honey-coat his promise to get around that conclusion. Now when he needs any future legislation passed, such as the immigration bill, why are we to assume that he won’t pull the same stunt? I hope he doesn’t feel the ends justifies the means in future promises to us. That’s not was expected of him when we the people voted him to be president.

Paul Cotter


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