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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Why licensed people carry guns

Tribune columnist Steve Otto asked, “... why is it rational to carry a loaded gun into a movie theater?” (“Theater shooting defies logic,” Metro, Jan. 17).

It is far safer for legal gun carriers to bring their guns into a movie theater, keeping them under their personal control, than to leave them in parked cars, available to a criminal. And what about after the movie, in a dark empty parking lot? The millions of legal gun carriers, whose fingerprints have been checked by the FBI, are no likelier to shoot up a movie theater than the local store, or any other area where they are permitted to carry.

The real question is: Why do we permit responsible adults to carry firearms? CCW licensees believe it is prudent to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones from possible attack, which can occur anywhere screening is not performed. If signs prohibiting firearms were of any value, we wouldn’t need the TSA.

CCW licensees know it is extremely unlikely they will ever need to use their firearm; they fervently hope the circumstance never arises, as much as they hope never to be in a serious auto accident. Yet when going outside without their firearm, they feel as uncomfortable as when not wearing a seatbelt. Bad crashes occur, even to those who drive responsibly, and criminals attack even those people who were in a “safe” location.

Some see no reason to insure against relatively rare events. Others weigh not only the likelihood of what might happen, but the potential horror of knowing they might have prevented such personal tragedy, yet chose to ignore the possibility.

Walt Repak

Spring Hill

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