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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Where is outrage over proposed military reductions?

Where is the outrage from our people? How can we accept a military that is pared down to pre-WWII standards? Would you want your son or daughter to serve in a substandard military? What — are we and the press asleep?

I’m sure Russia, North Korea, China, Iran and Pakistan are smiling and laughing their heads off. I can’t believe our president would allow this plan to be presented during the Ukrainian crisis. I agree with a previous writer — start addressing all the Medicare and food stamp fraud and government waste, let alone all the money being spent on Obamacare. Americans better wake up. One by one our president is making us a weaker nation. Please call your senators and congressmen to let them know we want a strong military, not one, as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel states, that will no longer be a dominant force in the air, sea, or land. What a disgrace! Our country was built on exceptionalism, but I’m afraid we now are becoming milquetoast.

Debbie McKeon


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