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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Where are today’s protest songs?

For the past few weeks, public TV stations have aired nostalgic music from the ’50s and ’60s to raise funds. Many of these entertainers were folk singers such as Peter, Paul and Mary, Pete Seeger, the Weavers and others. Although their music was pleasing to listen to, their message was of protest. Their songs protested war, racial inequality and freedom.

After my tour in Vietnam, I sympathized with these ideas. But these entertainers were considered anti-establishment liberals because of their protest songs. That was 50 years ago, and now these singing groups have long since retired, except for appearances to raise money and to sell their old songs.

These liberal entertainers have gotten their wish. We now have left-wing, Marxist-style leaders in government. Liberal and socialistic policies and legislation abound. Political correctness is supposed to level the playing field. But things haven’t really changed, have they?

We are now fighting two endless wars, plus a number of brushfire wars that we probably don’t know about. Politicians rant and rave, accusing each other of all sorts of ethics violations, but can’t seem to find the time or the guts to do their job.

Racism exists more strongly now than ever, between all races, not just white versus blacks. Religious tensions are worse than ever. And most of all, we aren’t as free as we used to be.

So where are the folk singers of today’s generation? Why aren’t they singing protest songs about all of today’s ills?

Seems that now they have their political way, their silence is deafening. When will they ever learn?

J. P. Stakun


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