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Saturday, Apr 21, 2018
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Letter of the Day

What, no more gay old times?

Hallmark can keep selling its ornament and sweater with “Don we now our fun apparel,” with “fun” replacing “gay,” and we will keep buying from some other company. To say they didn’t realize it would upset people and the other standard PR comments is so stupid as to think that the public are morons. I am sick of companies bending over backward for “political correctness.” That song has been around for decades, if not a hundred years. I suppose we should make the following changes as well:

Call them “Fun Nineties” when referring to the pre-1900s decade.

The movie “Zorro: The Gay Blade” should be banned as inappropriate.

Anyone with the last name “Gay” must change it to “Fun.”

And finally, “The Flintstones” song should be changed so that the last line says “you’ll have a fun old time.”

See how stupid it all is? And this is true for every effort toward political correctness as all the Halloween costume stories just proved last week. Get over yourselves, Hallmark, and every other company. Stop trying to please the special interest groups and focus on your consumers. Let us live and enjoy our lives without your constant judgment.

Harald Stone


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