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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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We should never forget V.E. Day

I was a little upset after going through Thursday morning’s Trib and The Wall Street Journal. I searched for a mention of May 8, 1945, being Victory in Europe Day and found not one word.

My son and I were recently in Hamm, Luxembourg, where the American Cemetery has over 5,000 young men buried there who gave their life during World War II, including Gen. George S. Patton. I have visited the cemetery at Omaha Beach in France where nearly 10,000 young men are buried.

I would think the least we could do is honor these men (“The Greatest Generation”) with at least a passing mention that the war, which cost millions of lives, ended May 8, 1945. Maybe I am wrong. We have become so politically correct that it might hurt someone’s feeling to bring up the subject.

When we forget our past, we offend those young men who left loved ones and traveled thousands of miles, with some losing their lives and others returning with horrific wounds.

I cannot believe that some newspapers could not have found a spot for just a few lines to remind people of the sacrifice paid for ending WWII.

Charles Harris


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