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Saturday, Apr 21, 2018
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We need a nationwide revival to save us

Regarding “U.S. schools urged to revise discipline plans” (front page, Jan. 9): I was mad to read the first sentence of Erin Kourkounis’ article. It read, “Hillsborough school officials are working to keep trouble-making students in class as much as possible.” As a taxpayer and a former teacher who cares about America, that is the opposite of what I want. I want the trouble-making students out of the classroom so teachers can teach and the students who want to learn can do so. The school board can try hard, but until the culture changes, our students will be far below the Asians, Europeans and the Turks on every test. What can taxpayers do? Pray, that’s what. (Voting won’t help; we’re outvoted). And prayer is not a little thing; it is huge.

Only a nationwide revival will save us — our schools, culture, the psychotrophic drug problem, the soap-opera problem, America.

Roy E. Rood


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