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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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‘We have all become bullies

I often wonder how bullying has gotten so out of control, and then I turn on the TV, radio or just look around me, and it becomes crystal clear. I often say that parents are our children’s first teachers, and this is true, like it or not. Turn on the news, and you are going to hear name-calling and see finger-pointing with so called news anchors and their guests. Our politicians use their airtime as an opportunity to bully the other party, and don’t get me started on election-season commercials that frankly are just nasty to their opponents.

Where do I begin with “reality” TV and the backstabbing and talking behind backs, or the stocking of “Hollywood royalty” in magazines or TV programs?

What kind of example is children’s programing providing where parents are reflected as fools and children are the ones who rule over the house? The radio DJs’ “bits” may get a laugh, but at whose expense?

Don’t forget about the cul-de-sac chat session or family get-together that may begin with concern but ends in gossip.

This is the example we have set for our children. We have lost the ability to respect others and their differences, to the detriment of our children and our society. We have all become bullies.

CB Simmons

Plant City

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