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Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
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‘We all need to have a voice — this is who we are’

Regarding “Tea party pal: We’re all Americans” (Joe Henderson, Metro, Oct. 8):

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to read about the power of reason. Henderson’s comment is on point: “Instead of our finger puppets in Washington and Tallahassee playing this idiotic game of chicken with our lives, why doesn’t everybody put on their grown-up pants and talk this out like adults? Everyone could benefit. Would that be so terrible?”

Dennis Higgins is correct; we do have to be able to talk about these things as members of the same American family. Ours is a great country, where we can agree to disagree, express our opinion, live and vote freely. What Henderson has done in taking responsibility for his actions is precisely what all of us should be doing.

The power of the written word and freedom of the press is immeasurable, and fairness in the journalism is a must. As a conservative and immigrant from a communist country where there is no freedom of expression or the press, I strongly believe that every citizen in our country should have a seat at the table as long as they are willing to contribute.

Both Henderson and Mr. Higgins are correct in believing that we all need to have a voice — this is who we are. That is why so much blood was shed in the process of becoming a free nation. This is what the Constitution is all about!

We are a better nation for having this dialogue, Henderson is a better journalist for apologizing and The Tampa Tribune will be furthermore respected as a result.

Eddy Calcines


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