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Saturday, Apr 21, 2018
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Want more gambling? Visit Jersey ‘war zone’

Regarding the swarm of gambling lobbyists descending upon Florida, I will quickly cross party lines if necessary to help oust any politician who promotes or supports the expansion of gambling within our state.

Every member of the Florida Legislature should be required to take their family for a midnight stroll around the perimeter blocks surrounding the same heralded scheme of casinos in New Jersey, all orchestrated as a similar generous gift to that state, known as the string of Boardwalk Casinos. But leave your wallets and purses behind, except perhaps for some small change for the homeless you may see (if not stolen from you sooner) and be prepared to shield your children from seeing all of the vices you may encounter along the way (to say it politely.)

If you and your family can survive that not-so-scenic walk unscathed, you’ll at least experience what it might feel like to live in a war zone, where tourism is also promoted heavily but not very successfully anymore, although some unknowing tourists still do continue to wander haplessly there.

We have more than enough gambling already in Florida, and at least most of those profits stay within the state. Why, oh, why would Florida want to welcome outside interests to create more casinos to suck their profits out of our state! In the end, Florida taxpayers would pay the price of cleaning up the mess, which with no doubt will surely be left behind, extending far and wide throughout the state, not to mention supporting new waves of welfare fallout, which those new casinos would inevitably cause.

I am not a member of any no-gambling campaign or lobby, but I simply just enjoy living in Florida. I also just hope the Florida Legislature won’t ruin Florida for my kids and their generation, because Florida has enough to offer everyone, including tourists, without more gambling!

Alan D. Crawford


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