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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Wake up, America — Obamacare will help workers

When will the American public wake up and recognize that the detractors of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care, aka Obamacare, are continually falsifying information and misleading the public on the facts? The most recent attack has been a complete and total misrepresentation of the Congressional Budget Office report that was released last week.

The report does not say Obamacare will kill jobs or suggest there will be a reduction in the demand for labor. Instead, it accounts for workers who have been locked in jobs to voluntarily retire or reduce their hours without fear of losing their health-care coverage. Individuals who want to retire, start their own business or change professions will no longer be trapped in their jobs.

The ability to get health coverage not tied to their jobs will give Americans more freedom and flexibility.

Workers voluntarily leaving the workforce may actually boost the demand for new workers. All these jobs will not necessarily disappear, providing opportunities for job seekers, the unemployed, to fill these positions. Consequently, this same report projects a drop in the unemployment rate.

Politicians and the media should be called to task for misleading the public about this law that offers tremendous health benefits to millions of Americans and will save lives.

Mary E. White


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