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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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Time for taxpayer revolt against incompetence

Suppose you are the CEO of Government Motors. Now suppose you are betting your company and your legacy on a new model automobile. It embodies all the latest technology. It is a major leap forward in the understanding of automobiles. You have promised that the world of automobiles will be astounded at the improvements you are proposing. Furthermore, you have promised that this new model will save the consumer money while offering amazing new features.

Do you think you would stand aside and let your VPs run the show? Do you suppose that you would stand above the fray and not even get periodic reports from the VPs about the problems and progress of the new model? Would you be able to stand in front of the TV cameras and claim no knowledge of the problems? Not if you intend to keep your job!

Now suppose that you are the CEO of the USA, the most powerful nation in the world. Would you let the introduction of a new, massive government program be a disaster? Not if you care about the nation or your legacy. Would you allow this fiasco to happen, and would you then claim lack of awareness of the issues? If you were and are uninformed, your VPs should be sacked for failure to keep you informed. Furthermore, as the leader of this fiasco, you have a duty to accept the blame and resign for your clearly demonstrated incompetence as the chief executive officer of our nation.

Would I buy stock in a company headed by such incompetence? Absolutely not. Yet by law I am required to support this enterprise in spite of the incompetence at the head. I suggest we institute a stockholder (taxpayer) revolt and replace the CEO, all top management, and the members of the board of directors who force us to support this incompetence.

James P. Whitaker


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