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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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‘Throwball’ vs. football

Regarding “Snoozer” (Your Views, June 17): Hey, way to go showing your parochialism and not your national pride.

For sake of discussion, I’ll call your game “Throwball,” since that’s what it is. A few statistics:

Time of the match on TV: Throwball: three hours. Football: two hours.

Time of the clock. Throwball: one hour. Football: 90 minutes.

Time (average) that a Throwball match actually runs plays — that is, to say pass and punt: 12 1/2 minutes. Riveting!

I guess you really enjoy beer and car commercials.

Here’s something to ponder. Politics and football are inexorably joined: England or France vs. Germany (World War II); Argentina vs. England (Falklands); and Hitler may have tried to steal the Jules Rimet (World Cup) Trophy.

Football is played in every country in the world. Throwball — not so much.

Now would you care to discuss the World Series?

Richard Kujay


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