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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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The real agenda

In an age where sound bites and headlines are about as deep as the news gets for many people, checking facts has become blithely excessive. So why not just jump on the reasonable-sounding bandwagon fable the media have spun to create millions of more “victims” among us? Nowhere does this more glaringly stand out than in the talk about the intolerable wage gap between men and women. Our president seeks once again to sharpen his premier and enduring legacy of dividing Americans against each other using inaccurate information to accomplish this, as has been his habit since 2009.

The so-called wage gap is based on calculations by the U.S. Census Bureau. Yet when the bureau compiles those calculations, it make no distinction between professions, lumping them together. In the list of the 10 “most remunerative majors,” the average percentage (85 percent) of men overwhelmingly dominates those of women in nine of the 10 categories. By contrast, the 10 least remunerative majors are dominated by women in nine out of 10 categories (average 77 percent).

A Pew Research Center survey notes that although a nearly equal percent of mothers and fathers say they’d rather be at home raising their children than working, fathers are far more likely than mothers to say they want full-time jobs. Women are far more likely to be employed in “caring professions,” while men opt for “people-free zones.”

But likely the most critical factor of all in this is omitted: Selecting a college major is a freely made, personal choice. The National Organization for Women, while conceding that much of the pay gap is driven by personal choice, laughably insists that powerful “sexist stereotypes” steer women and men “toward different education, training, and career paths” and family roles. Really? In 2011, medical school graduates were nearly equally split between men and women. NOW’s astonishing statement, coming from one of America’s foremost promoters of a distorted feminism, still pushes the fairy tale that there is not an iota of difference between men and women and the parts they play in culture and society, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The real agenda being pursued by Obama and company is the one they have always pursued: winning elections by any means necessary. If that takes riling up a feminist base already duped into believing the Democrats’ fabricated war-on-women agenda with another “lie repeated ad nauseam,” so be it.

Jim Connolly


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