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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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The power of labor

“Union negatives” (Our Views, April 10) mistakenly assumes that unions are no longer necessary. That view is contradicted by the fact that our government seems to think that we need to legislate a minimum wage. If the people in need of a minimum wage were in a union, a minimum wage would no longer be necessary and Obamacare would not be necessary because anyone working in a union would have health care coverage.

College athletes should unionize, considering the millions of dollars made off them by universities and colleges across the country. Coaches at big colleges and universities are making seven-figure salaries. College athletes are the ones taking the chances of injury that can end a future professional career. If a student-athlete sustains a career- ending injury, they are done, but the college or university and coach continue to make money after the athlete is long forgotten.

We can complain about the outrageous salaries of professional athletes, but without their union they would be in the same situation as college athletes. Owners would not be paying those kinds of salaries if their revenue didn’t justify it. When fans are unwilling to pay ticket prices and food and drink prices at games, then the salaries will quit rising.

Unions aren’t perfect, but neither is management. As long as management has the power of the purse, workers need to unite and use the power of their combined labor to get fair treatment.

Terry A. Larson


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