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Monday, Jun 25, 2018
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Letter of the Day

The known vs. the unknown

Regarding “10 things ... e-cigarettes won’t tell you” (Nov. 10):

I bought a starter e-cig kit with the hopes it would help me kick my cigarette habit. Upon opening the container and reading the warnings on the product, I knew I was not going to use the product and would return the kit for a refund.

Two warnings appeared on the label: “VERY toxic to fish and aquatic life” (not my emphasis) and “VERY toxic if used on the skin.”

To top it off, there was a skull-and-crossbones symbol on the bottom of the bottle of “vapor.”

I know the hazards of tobacco, but the unknown hazards of “vaporing” and the inclusion of the petrochemical propylene glycol convinced me to stick with the decades-long known carcinogens that tobacco imparts, as I continue to try to quit.

Amanda Frater


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