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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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The inspiring sounds of Latin

The article about the Latin festival at Al Lopez Park (“Conga Caliente heats up the Bay area,” Metro, Nov. 4) gave a pleasant account about the event but was vague about the music except for a few references to “Latin rhythms” and meringue. Some titles in this genre are “Dominicano Soy,” “Noche de Fantasia” and “La Quiero a Morir.” These songs are all Spanish, not Latin. Let’s make the distinction: There are no Latin (language) Grammys.

Those who want to hear authentic Latin music may visit Sacred Heart Church in Tampa on weekdays at noon and hear the inspiring sounds of Gregorian chant. The Latin choirs at St. Lawrence and Incarnation parishes also do excellent performances. During the Lenten season, the choir at Most Holy Redeemer parish does a fine rendition of “Tantum Ergo Sacramentum.”

The words of Cicero, that greatest of Roman orators, are still pertinent: It is not so commendable to know Latin, as it is disgraceful not to know it.”

Don Ryan


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