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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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The end of permanent alimony

Having to pay an exorbitant alimony amount every month can devastate older men who no longer make the same income as in earlier years. My husband has to pay $6,000 a month to his ex-wife, who lives in a free and clear house of 3,500 square feet. My husband cannot go to the eye doctor or the podiatrist because all he makes goes to pay his alimony. He also has to have a life insurance policy in case he dies. His ex-wife is the beneficiary. We live in my small 1,720 square foot home. My husband has to work on weekends to make all of this money. In addition, he is paying the marital debt his former wife did not share.
My husband is a physician, but at 65 years old he has a lot of competition. Maybe there are cases where alimony is fair and in order. But you are welcome to come see our modest and uncluttered home, and my husband’s humble office in Brandon. Also, you can see my husband’s financial proof. Victoria Blocker Valrico
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