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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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The consequences of allowing medical marijuana

Regarding “Avoiding a ‘wild west of weed’ ” (front page, March 23):

My sincere thanks for bringing above-the-fold attention to a predictable consequence of legalizing marijuana for “medical” use to which I feel the press has given inadequate attention.

Opening the door to access to medical marijuana will result in exactly what you portray in California as well as is the case in those other states that have “legalized” this illegal substance, which is illegal under federal law. We will move the present illegal market laterally to nothing more than another illegal market, a cadre of unethical physicians willing to write authorization for “medical marijuana” for a price just as they did for prescription pain killers.

How short our memories are of Florida’s, and more notably, Hillsborough County’s designation as the epicenter of illegally prescribed controlled pain killers. Just think, if we add “medical” marijuana to the list of substances that are readily available in Florida, we’ll have drivers out there on a potential cocktail of alcohol, marijuana, heroin, “prescribed” pain killers, methamphetamine and other dope.

Won’t it be fun driving on the interstate?

Mathis L. Becker, MD


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