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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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Tampa's guiding light

Regarding "No regrets, just blessings: 60 years of joy and sorrow" by Michelle Bearden (front page, June 17): As this "middle of the pack" baby boomer gets closer to 60 years of age, which is Monsignor Higgins' current priestly benchmark, I keeping thanking our good Lord for blessing Tampa with great Judeo-Christian leaders. The late Episcopal priest, the Rev. John Mangrum, during in my youth, was found all over Tampa blessing many large group gatherings such as football games, etc. For the rest of the time, Monsignor Higgins has been blessing Tampa as well. As a guiding light, Higgins has helped many students, homeless, babies in the womb, etc.. He has always been available to protect and defend all: rich or poor. If they gave a Nobel Peace Prize for Tampa, he would surely be at the top of the list. As Jesus came to serve, not be served, so does 'The Monsignor'! As we all know the answer to the question, "What do you give to a pregnant woman? Whatever she wants," Higgins saved the day on a Palm Sunday morning 13 years ago. My wife wanted to receive Holy Communion while being in labor en route to St. Joseph's Women's Hospital to deliver our fifth child. Higgins, at her request, came out to the car and gave us Holy Communion and also his priestly blessing, noting in his astonished lilting Irish brogue that that was a first for him!
Dale Kimball Lutz
Weather Center