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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Support the Middle East’s ‘Little America’

The other day I listened to an interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and it quickly became very clear why we need to support Israel 100 percent and not be working behind closed doors to get it to pull back and concede more territory. This has never worked in the past. It would only bring Hamas closer to Israeli cities that Hamas has sworn to destroy. What nation would sit back and do nothing while having thousands of rockets fired into their country just to appease the governments of other nations?

What did America do when we came under attack on 9/11? We struck back with an iron fist. Israel has been under siege for months, day after day after day, with over 3,000 rockets fired on it, and now we want them to concede more land to bring Hamas even closer and able to reach every city in Israel.

Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East and the only beacon of hope in that part of the world. It is the little America in that part of the world, and the extremists over there will stop at nothing to destroy it. They use innocent civilians as shields — women and children — and they have no respect for life. They hide behind their own people in hopes that many will be killed so they can bring charges of war crimes against Israel and turn the world against her.

I was so impressed with the lengths the IDF goes to in order to protect innocent civilians. They drop letters warning of an attack; they make phone calls; they send text messages. They do all they can to protect the innocent while Hamas targets women and children. This is the clearest example of good versus evil in modern history, and we are giving millions to Hamas for what? So they can fire more rockets on Israel?

The prime minister made one closing point: While Hamas and other radicals see Israel as the little Satan, we are viewed as the big Satan, and they will be targeting us next. Support Israel now, or face radicals on our shores later.

Ken Black


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