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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Spreading the wealth in Florida

I propose that the Adopt-A-Road Program be changed because it will increase the wealth and real gross-domestic product of the entire state of Florida. It also will make our roads cleaner and reduce pollution. Since a lot of Floridaís revenue is from tourism and citizens from Northern states trying to buy homes here, cleaning roads is necessary. Government should give each member of the Adopt-A-Road groups a $40 grant. This grant would be similar to a food stamp card, where it could only be spent on items relevant to cleaning roads, such as water and garbage bags. When an individual spends the $40, it will increase a regionís wealth, and the multiplier effect will take place to spread the wealth to other regions of the state. Since the program is statewide, this is a good chance to increase government spending in not just one area but to all regions that want to adopt roads. Keith Taylor Port Richey
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