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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Some tips for New York transplants

I have been reading how Florida is overtaking New York in population, and New Yorkers are moving here! Great — as long as they don’t ruin our state like they did N.Y. They need to remember why they moved. My family moved here in 1981 after my husband lost his job at Republic Steele. Hundreds of men were out of work, and there were no jobs, so we left. I’m a registered nurse, so I had work anywhere.

Florida is a land of opportunity, for people and business — a low business tax, no state income tax, low unemployment, and a state of hard workers compassionate to the truly needy but wanting everyone who can pull their own weight do so. N.Y. transplants need to be open-minded and educate themselves on the other side of politics. I noticed last year there was only one major newspaper in Buffalo, and it was so liberal I could hardly read it. The newspaper, if you want to call it that, had no opposing viewpoints. I really appreciate my Tampa Tribune. So New Yorkers, you are welcome, but leave your taxes and your no salt and no Big Gulps and no goose liver and free everything for everybody in N.Y.

J. Salzler

Land O’ Lakes

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