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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Smiles for an act of kindness

I have a number of subjects that I feel strongly about — red-light cameras, health care, etc. I have just never been moved to write until now.

On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, I was in my neighborhood Publix picking up a few items, mostly cereal and canned tomatoes. The lady and, I assume, her daughter ahead of me had a lot of items and were taking a long time because they were also laughing and joking with the cashier. I didn’t mind the wait because I was in no hurry, and the checker is someone I have known a long time. When all their items had been checked out, she saw my small amount and instructed the checker to add mine to her bill. In spite of my objections it was done.

When I thanked her she had a big smile on her face, and when I told her that most of what I was buying was for the Brandon ECHO Food Bank, her smile got a lot bigger. She wished me a blessed day and left.

I hope this sweet lady had a wonderful Mother’s Day. A special thanks from me, ECHO and the people who will receive the benefit of her kindness. Somehow my other subjects don’t seem as important right now as this one act of kindness.

Lee E. Roberts


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