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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Sick and tired of the fireworks ‘tradition’

The front-page article on illegal fireworks use (“Fireworks boom illegal, sort of,” June 29) was important as it pointed out why we have such a problem, even though I believe 97 percent of bay area residents are opposed to all fireworks. Each year people limp into the emergency rooms, proudly telling everyone they will do it again next year, just with fewer appendages. The police can’t do anything, as management issues orders not to arrest anyone. The fire marshals can’t do anything. The government refuses to. Why? All the bribes, oh, I mean, contributions our elected officials receive from the fireworks lobby.

Our government could stop issuing those temporary vendor permits, but that would mean a loss of revenue for our corrupt politicians and the fireworks lobby.

As I write this I am listening to an ad for fireworks offering specials. I am betting all my farming neighbors will be rushing out to get some. I live in a residential neighborhood next to Busch Gardens. They also could cut back their use, too — we set our clocks by the noise all summer.

I have a real simple solution for this situation. Keep the laws on the books, but add that all buyers must have a license, one the state must issue, to be obtained only by providing all pertinent information, as who they work for and an ID. This license must be renewed every four months in person. And the license fee is $1,000 for each one.

I have had to put up with this for over 10 years in Hillsborough County. I am sick and tired of being a law-abiding citizen who has had to give up my aviary and tranquilize my dogs. And someone tell the Tampa Police Department that just because they consider it a “tradition” to look the other way, the law says differently, and they are here to do the job they agreed to do.

Craig R. McNees


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