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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Shouldn’t we be entitled to the view, too?

Regarding the front-page headline about stalling the flood insurance rate hikes (“Bill could stall flood rates hike,” Oct. 29):

It’s really nice to see Republicans and Democrats agree on something. With ownership across the country of the most expensive waterfront properties being about equally split between wealthy voters of both parties, Congress has apparently relented.

Congress is now about to resurrect federal subsidies for all those wealthy waterfront property owners in favor of letting middle-class property owners continue to pay those flood insurance subsidies for the rich.

I’m just wondering if those of us who live inland in lower-risk flood zones, who must subsidize flood insurance for more expensive waterfront properties, will now be allowed access to those properties so we can enjoy the waterfront view, too.

Alan Crawford


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