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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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Set us free from government fetters

You recently published a letter I wrote about Victor Crist and regulatory agencies controlling the entry into markets, thus establishing virtual monopolies, and that open competition actually prevents monopolies. “Beer fight coming to a head” (Metro, April 22) further demonstrates and clarifies the points I was making.

Toward the end of the subject article, we find that Florida Senate President Don Gaetz is friends with Budweiser distributor Lewis Bear and that Gaetz has admitted to the AP that he will support whatever Bear supports. It is very clear that Gaetz is not protecting us consumers — he is helping to protect the big beer distributors from open competition.

Here we have on display the entire panoply of what’s wrong with politics. We all know that politicians desire to be elected and re-elected. They gain political office by “selling” programs, regulations (in the name of protecting consumers), and spending tax dollars for the benefit of various constituents or groups whose campaign contributions and votes have put them in office.

Thus, we have politicians spending money and forcing regulations on everyone implicitly stating that they presume to know what is good for “the people.”

How arrogant these politicians are that they think they know what is best for you and me. Being elected to office surely does not make an individual smarter than anyone else.

Of course, it is not just regulating and controlling taxi services or beer distribution and sales. Politicians at every level of government are constantly interfering in almost every activity of our lives.

If we could ever get the heavy load of government regulations off the back of the real economy, we would all be astounded by the capacity of millions of human minds to invent, distribute and raise living standards for everyone. It’s the only way that no one will be left behind. No government program or regulation can accomplish that — only the human spirit when set free from government fetters.

Mike Tedesco


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